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Transfer Limbo: KCMO Schools And Parents Explore Options

Nov 7, 2013

To transfer or not to transfer? That’s the question for Kansas City public school students who are in limbo as they wait for the outcome of a lawsuit to find out what their options are.

Some worry that allowing students to transfer out of the Kansas City, Mo., School District will result in a mass exodus.
Credit Curtis Gregory Perry/Flickr-CC

In the first part of Thursday's Up to Date, we look at how local superintendents are responding to a potential flood of inter-district student transfers and what solutions they’re proposing to help the ailing Kansas City, Mo., district. A bit later in the program, we examine what one local mom is doing to help other parents weigh their options with a new website.


  • Robert Bartman is superintendent of the Center School District.
  • Jamekia Kendrix is a parent advocate who lives in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Tricia Johnson is the creator of the Show Me KC Schools website.
  • Joe Robertson is an education reporter for The Kansas City Star.