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Neal Conan: Talking About The Nation & The News

Oct 15, 2013

If his face isn’t familiar to you, his voice will be. Neal Conan was host of Talk of the Nation for 11 years, and he’s been behind the microphones of NPR for even longer.

Neal Conan shares a laugh with former Talk of the Nation Political Junkie Ken Rudin during his interview on Up to Date.
Credit Beth Lipoff/KCUR-FM

On Wednesday's Up to Date, he joins us in the studio to talk about his memories of the long-running call-in show, his experiences working in the news business and what’s next on the horizon for him.


  • Neal Conan was the final host of Talk of the Nation. Conan joined NPR in 1977 and worked as a reporter based in New York, Washington and London. He served as NPR's Bureau Chief in both New York and London and anchored live coverage of many live events, including national political conventions, confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominees and a presidential impeachment. For five years, he hosted Weekly Edition: The Best of NPR News. Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Conan played a major role as an anchor of NPR's continuous live coverage, a role he reprised during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2004, he hosted the first radio-only presidential candidates' debate since 1948. He has also served as editor, producer, and executive producer of NPR's flagship evening newsmagazine, All Things Considered and, at various times, acted as NPR's foreign editor, managing editor, and news director.