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Former Kansas City Sports Writer Joe Posnanski Keeps An Eye On The Royals

Jun 12, 2015

Joe Posnanski is a little jealous.

The longtime Kansas City Star sports writer, who currently writes for NBC Sportsworld, had lunch with some former colleagues while he was in Kansas City last week promoting his latest book.

When the conversation turned to the Royals, he expressed some frustration.

“Why didn’t I get this? I went through 15 years of some real bad baseball,” he told KCUR's Steve Kraske on Up To Date.

But not to worry, Posnanski has always had faith in this town — even when people thought it couldn’t get worse for the Royals.

“Even during that stretch, this town still had this baseball heartbeat," he said. "I would tell people all the time, ‘This team gets good, and Kansas City will again be as great a baseball town as there is in the country,’ and I think that’s what we’re seeing now.”

Even though he’s no longer based in Kansas City, he’s caught the excitement of watching this team where every game matters, and every call matters. He even plans on continuing to write about them.

“There are two guys that to me, are so fun to write about and one of those is Lorenzo Cain, just because he’s such a joyous player. To watch somebody play center field like that, is just amazing,” he said.

“The other is Mike Moustakas, and the reason specifically is I’ve never seen a transformation like him.”

Welcome back to the Royals bandwagon, Joe.