Experts Say Dark Humor Has Always Been Part Of Kid Lit

Padron Me! by Daniel Miyares was published by Simon & Schuster.
Credit Simon & Schuster, Daniel Miyares

Local children's author and illustrator Daniel Miyares visited the Central Standard studio to discuss his recent picture book, Pardon Me!

The book, aimed at 4-7 year-olds, tells the story of a bird on a perch who is visited by several of his supposed swamp friends until the frustrated critter is so crowded he can't take it any more. In the end, the bird is (spoiler alert!) finally left alone, only to be eaten by a crocodile who finishes his meal with a burp. "Pardon me," says the crocodile.  

On Monday's Central Standard, we put the foreboding playfulness of this story in a context of historic and present trends in children's literature.