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1913: Before The Great War

Oct 20, 2013

By 1919, much of continental Europe lay in ruins in the aftermath of World War I. Prior to that conflict, with three European empires ruled by the “Kingly cousins,” most people thought a war was nearly impossible.

Charles Emmerson joins Steve Kraske to discuss the state of the world in 1913, just before World War I started.

On Monday's Up to Date, historian Charles Emmerson takes us through the year 1913 and the months leading up to the Great War. From the capitals of Europe to Washington D.C., we’ll view the world as it was 100 years ago and discuss how the seeds of modern globalization and imperial nationalism were forced together.


  • Charles Emmerson is currently a senior research fellow at Chatham House, working on resource security issues, foreign policy and global geopolitics. He has worked as a researcher for the International Crisis Group working on international security issues, an associate director and fellow of the World Economic Forum, responsible for their global risks' work and a leader writer for the Financial Times. He is the author of The Future History of the Arctic and 1913: The World Before the Great War

HEAR MORE: Charles Emmerson speaks at the National World War I Museum Monday, Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. For details, click here.

Learn more about 1913 in a new exhibit at the National World I Museum titled "The Road to War." It explores European colonialism, American imperialism, the Balkans Wars, the rise of nationalism and cultural awareness, and the social divides which led to unrest and revolt against the imperial monarchies. Located in Exhibit Hall, the display is included with Museum admission and free for members.