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Actor LeVar Burton joins Central Standard to talk about his career and dedication to literacy. He says he's been profoundly influenced by his mother and father who modeled for him a life of service.

Burton is an advocate for children's literacy and is working on launching the Reading Rainbow app. He will be in Kansas City on Saturday, March 15 for Planet Comicon.


The new year brings a clean slate, fresh resolutions ... and new TV shows. Among these freshman programs, there might be a couple that will get us through the chill of winter. 

On Friday's Up to Date, we look at these offerings from the networks and from cable. Join us as we check out the story of a former beauty queen turned Texas Ranger and the American remake of an Australian dramedy.


Do you prefer the suspense of a 22-week TV season or a gluttonous weekend marathon to watch a year of a show all at once? 

In the second part of Tuesday's Up to Date, we take a look at what’s ahead as fall TV shows premiere in a few weeks. Kansas City Star TV critic Sara Smith joins us to share her picks and explain why cable shows are beating out their broadcast counterparts and how the networks can catch up.


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Many knew him as the “most trusted man in America,” but how well do you really know Walter Cronkite?