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10:25 am
Wed August 20, 2014

When The Smoke Clears, Are Vapes OK?

Vapes are becoming more popular, but they're still included in many smoking bans.
Credit Shazanah Hassan / Flickr-CC

E-cigarettes, or vapes, are a growing trend, but many places ban them right along with the traditional smoking objects they're meant to replace. One of those places is the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

On Wednesday's Up to Date, we look at whether these alternatives should be banned and what we know about them so far.


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Heartland Health Monitor
7:59 am
Thu May 22, 2014

Three Strikes: KC Public Housing Smoking Ban Puts Onus On Tenants

Guinotte Manor will go smoke-free on July 1.
Credit Todd Feeback / KCPT

Despite the well-known risks, rates of smoking have remained stubbornly high in Missouri – about 25 percent of adults, compared with 18 percent nationally. In Kansas City public housing, the problem is even worse, with smokers comprising 40 percent of all tenants.

That high rate is especially disturbing to health advocates because of the high numbers of vulnerable people, particularly children, the disabled and elderly, who live in public housing.

A new policy aims to do away with smoking in city-owned housing, but many residents are not pleased.

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12:22 pm
Mon January 24, 2011

New Study: Business Not Affected By Smoking Ban

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City's smoking ban has had little, if any, impact on business at area eating and drinking establishments. That's according to a new study, which looked at sales data before and after the ban was enacted in 2008.

John Taurus, an economics professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago, coauthored the study. He says any changes in sales that did take place were related to the overall economic climate.

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10:02 pm
Sat January 15, 2011

Smoking Still Allowed In Missouri House Capitol Offices

Jefferson City, MO – Though the recent trend in Missouri has been to go smoke free, the Missouri House voted Thursday to continue to allow smoking in members' offices in the Capitol building.

Smoking is already banned on the House floor and in the public viewing chambers above. But an attempt was made Thursday to extend that ban to the entire House side of the State Capitol, including the individual offices of every House member. The measure was sponsored by Democrat Jeanette Mott Oxford of St. Louis.

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11:20 am
Thu July 1, 2010

Kansas Smoking Ban Begins (Mostly)

Kansas City, MO – A statewide ban on smoking in public places goes into effect today, with a few, limited exceptions. Kansas Public Radio's Bryan Thompson has more.


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10:36 am
Mon June 28, 2010

Kansas Goes Smoke-Free This Week

Kansas City, MO – A statewide smoking ban takes effect this week in Kansas.

Lawmakers approved the measure earlier this year. It prohibits smoking in public places, bars and restaurants, but exempts tobacco shops, casino gaming floors, and some private clubs.

Several cities throughout the state, including Lawrence and Overland Park, already have similar bans in place. Wyandotte County approved one about a year and a half ago. But it includes a three year transition period, and means many businesses still allow smoking.

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