2:58 pm
Thu January 16, 2014

Linking Past With Present In 'If Da Dirt Could Talk' Performance/Quilt Project

Artist Nedra Bonds shows students a picture of performer Janelle Monae, with assistance from Mrs. Daniels, a Quindaro Elementary School teacher.
Laura Spencer KCUR

Two friends from Kansas City, Kan., are teaming up for a project called If Da Dirt Could Talk. It combines collaborative quilts with a performance in an historic graveyard in old Quindaro.

Quilting to share history

Artist Nedra Bonds started quilting at the age of six. "Yeah, I didn’t have a choice, I come from a family of quilters on both sides," she says. "So this was something that we did, based upon who we were, based on the needs of the family, and we just always have done it."

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