Prospect Avenue

Matt Hodapp / KCUR

Six years ago, Teola Powell asked Kansas City, Missouri, City Manager Troy Schulte to take a tour of the grocery stores — or lack thereof — in her neighborhood around 31st and Prospect.

“It's important to me that we have a neighborhood that we can be proud of, and a supermarket that we can go to and feel good about shopping there," Powell said. "I shouldn't have to go to Westport or Walmart. I should be able to do it right here in my neighborhood.”

When Prospect Avenue Was Main Street

Jul 31, 2012

Local historian and activist Joelouis Mattox joins us in the second half of Tuesday's Central Standard to discuss the varied history of midtown's Prospect Avenue.

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One veteran businessperson along Kansas City's Prospect Avenue took a very personal interest this week in a celebration of a multi-million dollar community development project along his blighted strip of the boulevard.

Susan B. Wilson / KCUR

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The community development corporation Blue Hills Community Services has been working to rebuild the Blue Hills neighborhood for the past 38 years.  And they've just begun construction on their latest project:  a $3 million energy-efficient renovation of a building at 50th and Prospect.