Feeling the need to cram before the Oscars are presented this Sunday? Up to Date's indie, foreign and documentary film critics suggest a few nominees to get you caught up.

Cynthia Haines

Mustang, PG-13

  • After innocently playing with boys on a beach, five orphan girls, their scandalized guardians confine them and arrange forced marriages.

45 Years, R

Cuddle up with your sweetheart, a box of chocolate and a good film this Valentine's Day weekend. Up to Date's indie, foreign and documentary film critics have a few ideas to fill your screen.

Cynthia Haines

Son of Saul, R

  • It has been nominated for best foreign film, and I would maybe put money on it (winning). This is (the director's) first feature film, which is absolutely incredible to realize. 

45 Years, R

Take a look into the brutality of the Holocaust through one man's eyes or glimpse the golden era of Hollywood. See how one man overcomes a stutter and another overcomes the challenges dealt to him by Agent Orange. Our indie, foreign and documentary film critics discussed all of these and more in this edition of Up to Date.

Here's a list of the films from the show:

We're walking on sunshine with a warmer weekend ahead, but if you're not feeling outdoorsy, Up to Date's indie, foreign and documentary film critics have a few ideas to light your fire.

Cynthia Haines

The Animated, Live Action and Documentary Short Films nominated for Oscars

Theeb, not rated

  • During World War I, a Bedouin boy guides a British officer on a perilous journey across the desert

Spotlight, R

The 85th annual Academy Awards are now history. Hollywood’s most glamorous event was yet another extravaganza of self-congratulation. We take a look at favorites slighted and just rewards reaped.  And we discuss the significance of Seth MacFarlane performance as host.  Movie critics Russ Simmons, Marie Asner and John Tibbots take us through the Oscars and this moth's latest releases.

Did the film Fargo receive the cold shoulder at Oscar time?? Did Forrest Gump deserve a smaller box of chocolates from the Academy?


For several years, a compilation of Oscar-nominated short films - in animation, live action, and documentary - has opened in theaters across the globe , making those categories on Academy Award night not as foreign or inaccessible as they used to be. This season's entries again include a variety of styles,  themes and locations, ranging from the Ayn Rand School for Tots where the perpetually silent Maggie Simpson is dropped off at The Longest Daycare to Buzkashi Boys and the cacophonous streets of Kabul.