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Liberty Hospital

More than 100 employees at Liberty Hospital will be out of a job by the end of next week. The hospital says the layoffs are a response to a perfect storm in health care right now. That includes reduced Medicare and Medicaid payments, changes in the way hospitals will be reimbursed for care under the federal health law and increasing demands for charity care as individual health insurance costs go up. 

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A heated feud over the fate of North Kansas City Hospital may soon be coming to a close. Hospital and city leaders are meeting Friday in hopes of resolving their differences. Moreover, recently passed state legislation and newly elected local officials appear to have diffused the controversy.  

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North Kansas City’s hospital can’t be sold, so long as a dispute over whether the city has the authority to sell it is in court. That’s according to a preliminary injunction issued by a Clay County judge yesterday. While the ruling is good news for the hospital board bringing the lawsuit, the board also took a hit in yesterday’s court decision.

Fate Of North Kansas City Hospital In Dispute

Mar 12, 2013
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A legal battle over the possible fate of North Kansas City Hospital is escalating in court today. The hospital is asking a judge this afternoon to block the city’s recent appointments of four new members to the hospital’s board.  They worry the move would unevenly ‘pack the board,’ while a broader dispute over the hospital’s ownership plays out in court.

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Emotions ran high at a town hall this weekend, over the possible sale of North Kansas City Hospital. More than 100 residents and hospital staff packed North Kansas City’s high school auditorium to protest any such proposal.

Hospital Mergers, Alliances Hit Kansas City Region

Oct 30, 2012

In recent months, local officials have been exploring the sale of North Kansas City Hospital, HCA Midwest announced plans to acquire St. Joseph and St. Mary’s hospitals.

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Resistance to a possible sale of North Kansas City hospital has entered the legal arena.  The hospital’s board of trustees filed a lawsuit yesterday, in an effort to stop the city from selling the place.

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A northwest Missouri health system has officially made its way into the Kansas City area market. 


Questions surrounding disputed search for a buyer of North Kansas City's only hospital may be clarified by mid week. 

Fight Ahead In Possible Sale Of Northtown Hospital

Jun 21, 2012

Vowing to fight sale of North Kansas City Hospital, the Chairman of the Hospital Board says he has asked legal advice about the most basic questions in the City Council’s announcement that the city is prepared for potential sale.