It was not a good day for backers of Medicaid expansion, as the proposal suffered setbacks on both sides of the Missouri Capitol on Wednesday.

A series of informational meetings about KanCare has been rescheduled, after being cancelled due to snow storms last month. 

Meetings for providers will take place March 18th, in Hays; March 19th, in Dodge City, and March 20th, in Wichita.  Each of those sessions will run from one to three in the afternoon.

Meetings for consumers will be held in Hays March 18th, and in Wichita March 20th.  Those events will take place from six to eight in the evening.

The head of the Missouri Senate is denying reports from some conservative bloggers that top Republicans are planning an about-face on Medicaid expansion.

A long-promised Republican alternative to Medicaid expansion was filed in the Missouri House Tuesday.  It’s being touted as “market-based Medicaid."

Under the bill, private insurers would compete to provide coverage for Medicaid recipients, and those recipients could get cash incentives for taking care of their health and avoiding costly medical procedures. 

The bill is sponsored by GOP House Member Jay Barnes of Jefferson City.

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Medicaid expansion is dead for now in the Missouri House.  Two separate House committees voted down efforts on Monday to expand Medicaid to 259-thousand Missourians next year and 41,000 more in later years.

Medicaid Debate Moves To Rural Missouri

Feb 25, 2013

There’s a fierce battle raging behind the walls of the Capitol building in Jefferson City; it’s over whether to expand Medicaid in Missouri. Governor Jay Nixon supports the expansion, and is pushing it as “fundamentally a business decision.” He’s gaining ground in some traditionally conservative areas, but the issue is mired in politics.

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Kansas lawmakers are considering a resolution that would underscore the Legislature's opposition to a proposed expansion of Medicaid programs. House Speaker Ray Merrick, a Stilwell Republican, says he doesn't support making the state's health care program bigger.

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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is continuing his push to expand the state’s Medicaid program, an optional provision for states under the federal health law. The governor rallied some key allies near Kansas City Thursday afternoon but also pointed to some rather unlikely ones.

Nixon Delivers State Of The State

Jan 29, 2013
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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon pitched a nearly $26 billion budget to the state of Missouri during Monday’s State of the State Address.  It includes spending increases for K-12 schools, higher education, and the proposed Medicaid expansion he’s been calling for since late November. 

A New Era For 'Free' Clinics

Jan 29, 2013
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Armed with more than 100 staff members and 1,000 volunteers, the bustling Kansas City Free Health Clinic in midtown is one of the largest free health clinics in the country, treating upward of 15,000 patients a year. “KC Free,” as it’s commonly called, doesn’t charge fees or bill patients for care. It only sees people who are uninsured.

But this year, all that changes.

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Medicaid is the second-largest program that Kansas operates, next only to education. And costs of the health program for the poor and disabled have been growing at a faster pace than most other programs. A desire to control those costs and improve care is why officials in Governor Sam Brownback’s administration have embarked on a massive plan to overhaul the system.

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Missouri’s 2013 legislative session is underway. Legislative leaders kicked things off by laying out more details on what they want to pass this year.

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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will deliver his 2013 State of the State Address on January 28th.

KanCare is arguably the biggest change in the history of Medicaid in Kansas. The proposal would privatize the entire program.

The Affordable Care Act, as passed by Congress in 2010, assumed that every low-income person would have access to health insurance starting in 2014.

That's when about 17 million Americans — mostly unmarried healthy adults with incomes up to 133 percent of poverty, or about $15,000 a year — would gain access to Medicaid.

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Governor Sam Brownback's administration has been working on a plan to make sweeping changes to Medicaid in Kansas.

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People and groups who work with Medicaid clients are urging Missouri lawmakers to expand coverage in next year’s state budget.

An optional Medicaid expansion in Kansas would result in about 75,000 previously uninsured residents gaining health coverage and cost the state about half a billion dollars in the first seven years.

Missouri Governor Backs Medicaid Expansion

Nov 29, 2012

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon wants the state to expand its Medicaid program, marking the strongest stance the Democratic governor has taken as of yet on the state’s pending decision.

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Expanding Medicaid to more adults in Missouri would have a positive impact on the state’s economy and residents, according to a new report.

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Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on the federal health law, we’ll be hearing a lot more about one of its key aspects: Medicaid.

Less than five months from now, the Kansas Medicaid program is scheduled to convert to a privatized system.

Kansas health officials have been touring the state this week, holding public education sessions on a plan to overhaul the state’s Medicaid program.

Governor Sam Brownback's administration today awarded contracts to three companies that will manage parts of the state's new Medicaid program, called KanCare.

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A crowd of more than 200 people packed a hearing room in Wichita Monday to sound-off about Governor Sam Brownback's plan to privatize the state's Medicaid system.

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A new temporary committee has been created in the Missouri House to examine how the Governor’s Office of Administration awards government contracts. 

*5/13/12 Update*: Judge Drumm has dismissed the case. Molina is evaluating its grounds for appeal.

A main part of Missouri’s Medicaid program is at the center of a lawsuit right now.

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