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11:52 am
Thu May 15, 2014

News Organizations Sue Missouri Department Of Corrections Over Drug Executions

A lawsuit filed Thursday claims the Missouri Department of Corrections stopped providing information about the drugs it uses in lethal injections.
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Five journalism organizations, including The Kansas City Star and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, sued the Missouri Department of Corrections Thursday, seeking information on the drugs the state uses in lethal injection executions.

The suit, filed in Cole County Circuit Court in Jefferson City, says that the department last October stopped providing the public with information about the drugs it uses in lethal injections.

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Lethal Injection
8:28 am
Thu January 30, 2014

Missouri Carries Out Execution After Supreme Court Removes Stays

Missouri inmate Herbert Smulls was put to death late Wednesday night after the U.S. Supreme Court removed two stays.

Smulls was executed for the 1991 shooting death of Stephen Honickman, a Chesterfield jeweler.

Stephen Honickman’s wife, Florence Honickman, was also shot by Smulls. Following the execution, she said the appeals process went on far too long.

“It was a long day. And it could have been done a lot easier — and it was easier on Mr. Smulls. Much more so than it was on my husband and myself,” Honickman said.

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Central Standard
12:33 pm
Thu January 9, 2014

Examining The State Of The Death Penalty In Missouri

Before November 2013, the state of Missouri had executed two inmates over the past six years. Then, near the end of the year, two inmates were executed within three weeks of each other, and both executions used a controversial new drug protocol.

Critics question the way the state is carrying out executions, including the way the state obtains its lethal drugs. With courts still considering critical legal issues as another execution date nears, will the Department of Corrections keep pressing ahead?

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2:29 pm
Thu November 14, 2013

Missouri Moving Forward With Executions, Despite Secrecy Over Drug Supply

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A month ago, St. Louis Public Radio reported on the questionable manner in which the state of Missouri got ahold of its potential execution drug. Now Missouri has a new plan to go ahead with two upcoming executions, but the process is anything but open.

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