Labor Day

Labor Day Promises Heat Relief In Kansas City Metro

Aug 30, 2013

Metro Kansas City is baking in what may turn out to be the hottest day of the calendar year, August 30.

That could be a hundred degrees or higher.

Spotty rain is expected before the holiday weekend is half way through.

Downtown is 6.25 inches below the norm for the year, Olathe by more than 3.5.

Data shows even more dehydration if one considers the period June through August with Olathe scoring a mere  7.4 inches. That amounts to a summertime deficit of 6.02 inches.

Relief is anticipated within a matter of days.

What Are You Doing For Labor Day?

Sep 2, 2012
America's Test Kitchen

Hopefully you're enjoying the day off just like we are here at Up to Date.  In our place, Christopher Kimball and the crew from America's Test Kitchen will taste some wine, check out the latest kitchen gadgets and throw some shrimp on the barbie as only ATK can.  Have a great holiday and we'll be back Tuesday!