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John Mark Eberhart


As 2013 comes to a close, we remember some of the local public figures who died this year. This list is by no means exhaustive, but recognizes some of the most prominent people who were lost in the philanthropic, arts and media communities of the Kansas City region.

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John Mark Eberhart Reads 'The Gospel Of The Dirt'

Mar 19, 2013

As books editor for The Kansas City Star, John Mark Eberhart was known for encouraging local writers - and publishing their work. Eberhart was also a poet. He died Tuesday, March 19.

Former book review editor for The Kansas City Star, poet, and regular "Book Doctor" on KCUR, John Mark Eberhart, died Tuesday, March 19, after a fight with cancer. He was 52.

You may know John Mark Eberhart from The Kansas City Star, where he's the Book Editor, or as one of the Book Doctors on The Walt Bodine Show. What you may not know is that Eberhart is also a poet.