Up to Date
10:44 am
Fri March 28, 2014

One Company's 'Quirky' Spin On Getting Inventions Produced

Quirky works with inventors and entrepreneurs to make the connections they need to produce their products.

People have ideas for inventions all the time, but getting those ideas made into consumer products can be a difficult journey.

On Friday's Up to Date, we talk with a representative of, a website that connects the entrepreneurs with the means to produce their ideas.


  • Nathaniel Padgett,
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Up to Date
10:43 am
Fri March 28, 2014

Getting Inventive In Kansas City

When you think of inventors, the image is often of a mad scientist shouting, 'Eureka!'
Credit Giles Moss / Flickr-CC

When you tell people you're an inventor, it conjures up images of a mad scientist slaving away in a lab. But what's it really like to be an inventor in Kansas City?

On Friday's Up to Date, we talk with local inventor Rich Melton about where he finds his inspiration, the roadblocks he's encountered and how he got started.


  • Rich Melton, inventor
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Central Standard
4:01 pm
Fri March 14, 2014

Seven Life-Changing Inventions Created In Kansas City

An example of a Strowger-type selector assembly from the collection of the Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

Kansas  City is the birthplace of many inventions that have changed the way we perform everyday tasks. For example, your neck might be a lot hairier if it weren't for Samuel Coffman, who invented the electric clippers. 

Today on the KCUR program Central Standard, we discussed just a few of the most prominent products, icons and improvements invented here. Check out this list of seven life-changing inventions, born right here in KC:

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Central Standard
3:05 pm
Thu May 30, 2013

Kansas City Museum Celebrates History Of Innovation And Invention in KC

Samuel Coffman has over 200 patents to his credit. One of his inventions: electric clippers.
Bruce Bandle Kansas City Museum

The Country Club Plaza is a staple in Kansas City, but did you know it was the first shopping mall in the country?

Barbers would still be cutting your whole head with scissors if Samuel Coffman hadn't invented electric hair clippers, and washing your dishes would be a much bigger hassle if Marion Trozzolo didn't think to combine Teflon with pans.

The history of innovation and invention conceived in Kansas City is crucial to the city's identity, and starting June 1 the Kansas City Museum will celebrate this history. 

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