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Yoder Formidable Candidate In Kansas Third District

Nov 1, 2010

Johnson County, Kansas – If Democrat Stephene Moore wins in the Kansas 3rd Congressional District on November 2nd, she would be the first spouse in history to succeed a living incumbent.

A recent development in the campaign shows her opponent, Kevin Yoder, in a KMBC-TV video, uncomfortably dodging reporter Michael Mahoney while he peppers Yoder with questions about about a recent brush with the law. Yoder refused to take a breathalyzer test after being pulled over by police last year. The Pitch newspaper subsequently reported Yoder voted in favor of tougher restrictions on driving under the influence of alcohol while a Kansas legislator.

But in a conversation with Laura Ziegler, Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star and KCUR's Up to Date, says Yoder is a formidable candidate.