Woman Charged On Assualt For Dropping Toddler From Balcony

Oct 20, 2009

Kansas City, MO – A 23-year-old Kansas City, North woman has pleaded not guilty to charges of assault after allegedly dropping her toddler from an apartment balcony.

Bond is set at a hundred thousand dollars for Callie Smith who was arrested late last week in the September 22nd fray.

Police accounts contend Smith had been damaging cars around the Northeast 79th Street apartments and running naked through a parking lot.

Shortly after, charges say Smith held her 22 month old son over the rail of a second floor balcony and threatened to toss him to the ground.

When the little boy was dropped someone on the ground caught him. Neither was injured.

Smith was evaluated at a hospital after her arrest last Friday. Her charges filed in Clay County Circuit Court include first degree assault.