Will Citadel-Antioch Languish? Council To Vote | KCUR

Will Citadel-Antioch Languish? Council To Vote

Sep 24, 2008

Kansas City, Mo. – Gains are closer to overcoming risks and votes are stacking up in favor of redeveloping two aging shopping centers. The Kansas City council is to vote Thursday.

Citadel Plaza at 63rd and Prospect project is worth $90 million, Antioch center in the Northland,72 million dollars. After more than five years verbal battling, both get a nod from the council's Finance and Audit committee.

The Council's Cindy Circo has weighed Citadel options. In her words,
"I don't think it's a secret that we are taking a type of risk but it's a risk that were willing to take to be able to start change in our center city."

Citadel work would need $44 million in tax increment financial help and 19 million to the rebuilder of Antioch.

To critics of TIF, the city has been lavish using it to stir redevelopment in wealthier parts of town while ignoring the core city. The next council vote might affirm or deny that.