WATCH: Pianist Garrick Ohlsson On The Challenge Of A New Piano

Feb 26, 2014

Garrick Ohlsson, American classical pianist with Cynthia Siebert's Steinway Model C Concert Grand.
Credit Julie Denesha / KCUR

Touring for any professional musician can be challenging. But for concert pianists, it’s also about adapting to a new instrument at every stop.

American pianist Garrick Ohlsson is a frequent soloist in Kansas City. The Friends of Chamber Music presented Ohlsson in concert in January.

As part of an occasional series called Tools of the Trade, about performers and their relationship to the tools that make their work possible, I talked to Ohlsson during rehearsals on a rare Steinway piano in the home of Cynthia Siebert. Also a pianist, Siebert is the founder and president of The Friends of Chamber Music.

Artist: Classical pianist Garrick Ohlsson

Tool: Piano

Place: Rehearsal in Cynthia Siebert's Brookside home with a Steinway Model C Concert Grand built in 1881.

WATCH: Watch this video to hear Ohlsson talk about how practicing the piano is similar to training for a marathon, and to see the rare Steinway in action.