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Walt's 'Loveable Joints' On KMBC

Apr 24, 2012

Walt Bodine has been a ubiquitous voice for Kansas City over the years, but he's also been a face as well. In these human-interest shorts that he did for KMBC starting in 1982, Walt reaches out to Kansas City by doing what he does best: telling stories and sharing information.

In this first video, he brought attention to the closing of beloved bar and restaurant A Streetcar Named Desire. Response to the piece was so great that the car was repurposed and remains to this day as a restaurant of the same name in Crown Center.

In this video, Walt responded to a fire at the famous Muehlebach Hotel by doing a piece focused on the Presidential suite, which was frequented by Harry S. Truman and often served as an impromptu Oval Office.

Walt always kept his ear to the street to make sure to find out what Kansas City was talking about. His favorite spot? The barber shop. Listen in here:

Walt picked up on driver frustration over insurance rates, and did a piece on it. Check out the surprise ending:

Never one to sneer at good eatin's, Walt went on a journey to find his favorite sandwich, the Nu Way. Why's it so special? Listen in and find out.

Finally, here's a video where Walt takes you where reporters go--well, maybe only very special reporters. You get a look inside a news helicopter, taking you all over KC.