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Walt Bodine Special: Ira Glass

Apr 24, 2012

Join us Tuesday morning for a special Walt Bodine Show from 2004, when Walt chats with fellow storyteller Ira Glass of This American Life about the ins and outs of radio journalism, and what happens when, inevitably, things go awry.

During their conversation, both newscasters shared their 'go-to' questions. Ira tells Walt he like to ask "How did that turn out differently than you thought it would?" while Walt prefers, "What is it that the public in general does not understand about you?"

Walt also shares a few stories about his early experiences in radio:

I only lasted a week on that job. I'm not a jock and the manager was, and I had to do a sportscast. Each day he would stand outside the box and his face would go red, because it meant I had just made a mistake... I didn't know because I just don't follow sports... Finally on my last day he got me for saying "Joe Di-mag-gio." That time he turned red, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel. Then he handed me a check and said, 'Thank you for your service.'"

Take a listen, and let us know - what's your favorite moment from this memorable hour of radio?