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Veterans Affairs Partners With KU Telemedicine

Nov 14, 2012

The federal government and the University of Kansas are partnering to make it easier for veterans to receive health care.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will expand a telemedicine program, which uses video feeds to allow doctors to interact with patients over long distances. The VA will expand it into health care sites already associated  with KU's telemedicine program.

Dr. William Patterson is with the VA.  He says the goal is to allow veterans to access services without having to travel to one of the VA facilities in Kansas.

"The most important thing in health care is access. If it's easier for the veteran to access health care, then they'll obtain it and they'll benefit from it,” says Patterson.

Officials announced the effort during an event Tuesday at the Statehouse.

The VA is already offering mental health services through a telemedicine clinic in Garden City. Within a year, officials hope to have dozens more locations and offer physical health services as well.