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U.S. Representatives Emanuel Cleaver & Kevin Yoder

Nov 25, 2012

With only five weeks left in the 112th Congress, Representatives and Senators are under pressure to find common ground among themselves and with the President to avoid the fiscal cliff.

On Monday's program U.S. Representatives Emanuel Cleaver (D, MO-5) and Kevin Yoder (R, KS-3) join Steve Kraske for a discussion on whether Congress can find the balance between spending cuts and revenue increases to keep the country from diving deeper into recession.  We'll also talk about the future of Obama’s healthcare law, what’s on the agenda for Congress with the president’s second term and look at how Democrats and Republicans might work across the aisle to solve some problems.

Questions for your Kansas or Missouri U.S. Representative?  Call 816 235 2888 during the show, post here or on KCUR's Facebook page, or Tweet your question/suggestion to @KCURUptoDate.