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A 'TurnAround' For Those Leaving Prison

Jul 15, 2012

For many who are leaving prison, the chances that they very well may return are high.

One group, though, is striving to change a common story for former prisoners. The TurnAround Program  -Community Re-Entry After Prison, is a program provided by the Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph that works to provide support--from simple material needs to counseling--for those who are leaving prison and re-entering society.

Monday on Up to Date, we take a closer look at this organization, how it works with former prisoners, the challenges it faces in helping those who need support. Jeff Page, a job developer and case manager for the program, joins us in studio, along with a former participant in TurnAround.  If you're interested in learning more about TurnAround, or have some questions as to how former convicts are integrated back into the community, join the conversation: call 816 235 2888 during the show, email uptodate@kcur.org, Tweet us @KCURUptoDate, or join KCUR's Facebook discussion.

Jeff Page is a Job Developer and Case Manager for Catholic Charities' TurnAround Program. Raised on a dairy farm outside of New Haven, Connecticut, Mr. Page has an MS in Guidance and Counseling, and served for two years as a Probation Officer for the State of Connecticut. He spent a total of thirty-one years with Corrections for the State of Iowa, and worked for three months in a women’s ½ way house, and spent eight months as a Foster Care Worker. Mr. Page has dedicated almost  five years at the Catholic Charities' Turnaround Program.