The True Life Of Kansas City Zookeepers

Jul 8, 2014

Sitting Gorilla at the Kansas City Zoo
Credit Butterflyxoeio / Flickr Creative Commons

So, you like animals? You enjoy watching them, taking care of them, and talking about them? Would you make a good zookeeper? Guest Host Brian Ellison takes a look at the true life of Kansas City Zoo zookeepers on Tuesday's Up to Date. Find out what it's really like to chase a fugitive chimpanzee and keep the penguins healthy and happy in their habitat. Speaking of penguins, you can watch the penguins at the Kansas City Zoo live right here.


Kayla Campbell is the Assistant Supervisor of Water's Edge: Polar Bears, Penguins, and Trumpeter Swans.

Brandi Mitchell is the Assistant Supervisor of Tropical Ecosystems: Tamarins, Gibbons, New World and Old World monkeys, Capybara, African porcupines etc.