Top Of The Morning News: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aug 14, 2012

Some voters in Topeka will need to head back to the polls because of an Election Day mix up.  The debate over mid-level dental providers continues.  It’s a daily round up of headlines from KCUR.

Some Topeka Voter Will Have To Vote Again

The Shawnee County Board of Canvassers has ordered a limited re-vote in Topeka after a mix-up at a polling place. The supervisor at one Topeka polling place made a mistake that meant dozens of voters received the wrong ballots.  Find out more here.

Mid-Level Dental Provider Debate Heats Up

The debate over a new type of dental provider—one with more training than a hygienist, but less than a dentist—is heating up again.  Listen to the story here.