Top Of The Morning News: May 9, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

Programs for HIV and AIDS face an uncertain future as the federal healthcare overhaul goes into effect.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon threatens layoffs over an ongoing dispute with the legislature about the DMV.  The mother of a missing toddler was identified as one of three murder victims found on a farm near Ottawa, Kansas.

Uncertainty Abounds For Program 'Critical' To HIV, AIDS Care

Though there are still new cases every year, the number of HIV and AIDS cases has held steady for the last decade. Drugs known as anti-retrovirals play a big role in that statistic – but so do support services funded by a federal program known as the Ryan White CARE Act.  The care of HIV and AIDS patients may look completely different once President Obama’s health care overhaul is fully implemented in 2014. And that has providers here nervously watching what lawmakers in Jefferson City and Washington do to programs they say help keep patients alive.  Find out more here.

Hospitals Rates Vary Widely In Kansas City

For the first time, the federal government has released the prices that hospitals charge patients for the one-hundred most common inpatient procedures.  The prices for a given procedure can vary by tens of thousands of dollars.  Find out just how much they vary here.

Nixon Threatens Layoffs Over DMV Budget Squabble

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is threatening to lay off state workers unless Republican lawmakers fully fund the Missouri Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicles Division for a full fiscal year.  The warning comes one day after House and Senate budget negotiators agreed to only fund the state division for eight months, as a means of pressuring state Revenue officials to stop scanning and storing source documents of driver's license applicants.  Read more about the ongoing dispute here.

Tax Disagreement Means Kansas Lawmakers May Go Into Overtime

Lawmakers just returned to the Statehouse after a break, but already it looks like a disagreement on taxes could push the session past the 80 day deadline. To meet the 80 day mark they'd have to be done early next week, but House and Senate Republicans disagree on whether to extend a temporary sales tax increase. It's set to expire later this year, and House leaders want to let it end as planned.  Read more here.

Murder Kansas Mother Identified But Toddler Still Missing

The Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards this afternoon said the mother,  22-year-old Kaylie Bailey of Olathe was one of three people found dead Monday on a small farm outside Ottawa, Kansas.  A bag containing toddler clothes and baby bottle was found near the mother’s body.  Find out more about the investigation here.