Top Of The Morning News: May 3, 2012 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012

Hiding big political donations is easy in Missouri.  A Republican lawmaker comes out. Kansas House members kill a Senate redistricting map.  It’s a daily digest of headlines from KCUR.

Missouri Politics: Hiding Big Donations Is Easy And Legal

Controlling the influence of money in Missouri politics has always been an elusive goal. A couple of years ago two young legislators from the Kansas City area took a shot at tightening the very loose system. Jason Kander is a Dempcrat. Tim Fluke is a Republican. The bipartisan effort appeared to have had an effect, though indirectly. But the gains were taken away by a court this year, and transparency in Missouri politics took a two-year step backward.  Find out more here.

Republican Lawmaker Comes Out

Zachary Wyatt, a Republican lawmaker from Kirksville, announced that he is gay.  He made his announcement while discussing the need for an anti-bullying law for kids in public schools.  See the video here.

The Kansas House Kills Senate Redistricting Map

The redistricting process in the Kansas Legislature has hit another bump. Generally, the House and the Senate redraw the district lines for their own chamber, without the other chamber weighing in. The House has taken the unusual step of defeating a Senate map that redraws district lines for the state’s 40 senators.  See the video here.