Top Of The Morning News: May 21, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013

Gas prices jumped last week throughout the Kansas City area.  The Director of Missouri’s Department of Social Services resigns abruptly.  A bill would expand the role of the physician assistants in Missouri.

Gas Price Leap An Anomaly

Gasoline prices may have leveled off in Kansas City, following a dramatic one-week leap in the cost of fuel.   A Survey of prices Sunday by calculated the price averaging $3.84 a gallon was 52 cents higher than the same day in 2012 and up  64 cents from a month ago.  Slowing of production at two refineries in Oklahoma and East Central Kansas could have started the price climb, according to some industry observers.  Read more here.

Missouri Social Services Director Resigns

Alan Freeman is stepping down as Director of the Missouri Department of Social Services, after only five months on the job.  Last December, Freeman left his job as President and CEO of Grace Hill Health Centers in St. Louis to take over the state's Social Services department.   Read more here.

Missouri Bill Expands Opportunities for Physicians Assistants

Physician Assistants may soon have more opportunities to practice in Missouri. A bill headed to the Governor’s desk would provide more flexibility in how and where they provide care. Physician Assistants are trained health workers who practice medicine under the supervision of a doctor. Their training is shorter than that of a doctor, but they do exams, prescribe drugs and diagnose and treat illnesses. Learn more about the measure here.