Top Of The Morning News: May 16, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: May 16, 2013

May 16, 2013

The nature of methamphetamine labs in the area is changing.  A council committee advances a proposal to update Kansas City’s ethics code.  Missouri’s Medicaid director leaves but no is saying whether he was fired or resigning.

How Meth Labs In Kansas City Are Changing

Some of those who fight the making of methamphetamine in Kansas City don’t think the perils are clearly understood, by the public or by those who are manufacturing it.  Evidence of this large number of small meth operations can be found discarded in city parks, empty lots, alleyways or just about anywhere out in the country.  Read more here.

Committee OKs Update to Kansas City Ethics Code

Ethics bills continue to stumble in the state capitols, but Kansas City, Missouri's ethics code is about to get an update.  The council Finance, Governance and Ethics Committee has endorsed a plan to set a maximum value of $1,000 for gifts to council members, and quarterly disclosure of any gift worth over $200 from anyone doing business with the city-  including tickets to events at venues not owned by the city.  Learn more here.

Missouri's Medicaid Director Leaves

The director of Missouri’s Medicaid program, Dr. Ian McCaslin, has left.  McCaslin is not saying whether he resigned or was fired, according to the AP, and neither is the state’s department of Social Services, under which the Medicaid program operates. The department plans to engage in a national search to replace McCaslin.  Read more about McCaslin’s departure here.

Legislators Send Governor Nixon Bill Banning Document Scans

A bill is on its way to Governor Jay Nixon that would forbid the Missouri Department of Revenue from scanning and storing source documents of driver’s license and non-driver’s license applicants.   Last month, Governor Nixon ordered the agency to cease scanning documents of conceal carry weapons applicants, but scanning for other license applicants continues.   Read more about the bill here.

Kansas Conference Committee Continues Tax Talks

After making little progress for weeks, public negotiations on taxes have continued in the Kansas Statehouse.. House and Senate negotiators held a public meeting Wednesday, and House members offered a new compromise.   Find out what that entails here.