Top Of The Morning News: July 29, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: July 29, 2013

Jul 29, 2013

The Kansas City Charter Review Commission turns to former mayors for advice.  Farmers struggle with a depleted aquifer in Kansas.  Drought still threatens the Kansas City area.

Commission Seeks Out Advice Of Former Mayors

The panel looking at how Kansas City should alter its basic operating doctrine hopes to get suggestions from all living ex-mayors, but the Charter Review Commission is having spotty success.

Kansas Farmers Struggle As Ogallala Aquifer Dwindles

Imagine enough water to fill a couple of great lakes, but spread under some of the driest parts of eight western states. That was the High Plains Aquifer 60 years ago, before new pumping and irrigation systems made it easy for farmers to extract billions of gallons from it, and use it to grow lucrative crops on the arid land. An agricultural gold rush of sorts followed, transforming the regional economy. But now parts of the aquifer are playing out, leaving parts the high plains high and dry.

House Committee On Downsizing Missouri Government Submits Findings

The chair of an interim Missouri House committee looking at ways to downsize state government says they've handed off their findings to the Speaker's office. Those findings consist of testimony from citizens who told the committee which commissions, offices or practices they say should be scrapped.

Drought Still A Threat To Missouri This Year

Missouri's overall drought picture is vastly improved this summer over what it was during last year's extreme heat and dry conditions. Still, drought remains an immediate threat to portions of the Show-Me State.