Top Of The Morning News: February 6, 2013 | KCUR

Top Of The Morning News: February 6, 2013

Feb 6, 2013

A bill for a decade-long, one-cent sales tax for transportation has been introduced into the Missouri Senate.  Local CEOs look to take off the pounds in a city challenge.  A Kansas Senate Committee holds off on looking at a tax plan because of publishing error. 

Missouri Senate Take Up Proposed Transportation Sales Tax

Legislation has been filed in the Missouri Senate that would create a temporary sales tax dedicated to funding transportation needs statewide.  Find out more about the tax here.

Local CEOs Get In On Weight Loss Challenge
A very personal yet public weight loss competition between two prominent city leaders is about to get bigger. About two dozen area CEOs have signed up for the challenge.  Find out more here.

Senate Committee Delays Work on Brownback’s Tax Plan
A Kansas Senate Committee has delayed work on Governor Sam Brownback's tax proposal.  A printing mix-up meant the scheduled debate was left off the official Senate calendar, but the committee's chairman says he didn't want to work on the tax plan without letting the public know about it.

In And Out Of The Labyrinth

On a weekday morning at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School near downtown Lawrence,  about 100 sixth-graders sit in wooden chairs in the auditorium. On the stage, artist and actor Spencer Lott demonstrates - with the help of students - how his giant minotaur, a puppet with the body of a man and the head of a bull, works.  Find out more about the new theater production here.