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Top Of The Morning News: April 1, 2013

Apr 1, 2013

Tomorrow is election day across the area.  We have reports about the race for mayor in Kansas City, Kansas and on Question 3 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones says same-sex marriage should be left up to states.

Kansas City, Kansas Foes Battle For Mayor

Wyandotte County voters on Tuesday will decide who holds the reins as Mayor/CEO of Unified Government.  Both Ann Murguia and Mark Holland serve as a member of the local governing commission and are the survivors of a spirited primary campaign and election. The candidates appeared to answer questions posed by a panel in a forum at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Find out more about what they said here.

Voters Weigh In On Future Of Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing

Question 3 on Kansas City, Missouri’s ballot tomorrow, deals with an issue that’s generated heated discussion in City Hall over the past few years. It’s about Kansas City’s future in nuclear weapons manufacturing.  Read more about it here.

To find out what else is on the ballot in your area, click here.

KanCare Selection Period Ends Thursday

The clock is ticking for the 380,000 Kansans whose health insurance comes through the Medicaid program now known as KanCare.  The KanCare program assigned each member to one of three private companies administering the benefits as of the first of the year.  Members who prefer to switch to a different company have to do so no later than this Thursday. Learn more here.

Missouri House Speaker Says Same Sex Marriage Should Be Up To States

Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones was asked by reporters about US Supreme Court arguments over the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and about whether the GOP majority was interested in moving legislation that would make it illegal in Missouri to discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation. Read more here.