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Tea Party Rally A Celebration Of Conservative Values

Apr 15, 2010

Kansas City, Kan. – Several thousand people turned out yesterday for the area's largest Tea Party rally at Community America Ballpark in Kansas City, Kansas. Organizers had projected a crowd of some 10 to 12 thousand, but visitors came from as far away as Iowa.

The crowd roared and waved flags when event planner Alex Poulter warned the media from a platform on the T-Bones field that the program would include prayers, a salute to the military, and a lot of talk about the constitution.

Volunteers from campaigns such as the Kevin Yoder campaign for 3rd Congressional District in Kansas were there courting votes:

"Are you from District Three? Out with Dennis Moore! Be a Yoder voter!"

But it was mainly a rally for people.

They signed petitions to nullify the Health Care bill, sold Sara Palin and Tea Party buttons, and voiced support for Tea Party values. Melinda Sutton, an occupational therapist, was excited to be at her first Tea Party rally:

"Freedom and liberty and all that good stuff!"

There were also Tea Party rallies at Johnson County Community College , and the Country Club Plaza, with smaller gatherings around the metro area.