Tax Cut Negotiations Continue | KCUR

Tax Cut Negotiations Continue

May 14, 2012

Kansas lawmakers are still trying to negotiate a compromise on cutting taxes. The Legislature has already approved a large tax-cutting plan and sent it to Gov. Sam Brownback.

But now they want to take another stab at it. Wichita Republican Les Donovan chairs the Senate tax committee.

"We're going to try to put together a modified tax plan and bring it to the Senate," Donovan said.

Tax negotiators canceled a meeting scheduled for today but are planning to meet tomorrow. The tax-cutting proposal that's already been sent to the governor would reduce personal income tax rates for workers. It would also entirely eliminate income taxes for 190,000 businesses in Kansas.

Some lawmakers say the tax bill will create big budget troubles and require cuts to education and state services.

The governor says he'll sign the large tax-cutting bill into law, unless lawmakers come up with a better compromise.