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Some Lawmakers Question Closing Facility For Disabled

Nov 13, 2009

Topeka, KS – Some state legislators are skeptical of a plan to close a facility for the developmentally disabled in Topeka.

A state commission has recommended downsizing and eventually closing Kansas Neurological Institute, known as KNI, as a way to save the state cash.

The 150 residents would go to community based centers or the Parson State Hospital.

State Representative Lana Gordon, a Topeka Republican, questions whether moving residents would really save money.

"If we move some of the individuals that need serious equipment needs, or that kind of thing, accommodations would have to be made in the places that they'd be sent. And that would cost money," Gordon said. "So I'm not really quite sure what savings we'd get from this."

Governor Mark Parkinson will choose whether or not to close KNI.

He hasn't indicated what the decision might be, but a choice to close the facility could be blocked by the legislature.