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The Solo Artistry Of A Former Byrd

Aug 26, 2016

A reunion of the iconic rock group the Byrds is not in the cards, but you’ll get the next best thing when we hear the music of former lead singer Roger McGuinn on this week's Cyprus Avenue.

Track List

Roger McGuinn-         "King Of The Hill"                                         

           "Your Love Is A Gold Mine"                                                

The Byrds-                   "Eight Miles High"                             

Roger McGuinn-         "If We Never Meet Again"                                        

Bob Dylan-                   "Mr. Tambourine Man"                                              

Roger McGuinn-         "The Time Has Come"                                   

The Byrds-                   "You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere"                                      

           "Nothing Was Delivered"

           “It’s All Over”                                                           

Bob Dylan-                   "My Back Page"                                 

The Byrds-                   “Never Before”

Roger McGuinn

Bob Dylan-                 “Knockin’ On Heaven’sDoor