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Smoking Ban Comes To KCK

Dec 18, 2008

Kansas City, KS – The largest city in the metropolitan area without a smoking ban has finally approved one. KCUR's Elana Gordon reports.

The Unified Board of Commissioners has approved a smoking ordinance for Kansas City, Kansas. Rev. Mark Holland is Commissioner of Wyandotte County's first District at Large. He says the new ordinance marks an important step in bringing KCK up to speed with the many other places that have already gone smoke-free. But he says many people are split on the issue.

Holland: "We have about 24% of the population statistically that smokes in Wyandotte county - that's far above most. And I think it's pretty divided - there's a lot of folks who did not want to see any ban or restriction particularly on bars and restaurants. And then there's a whole large group of people who do."

The ordinance bans smoking in all indoor places, but it exempts casino gaming floors, tobacco shops, and already existing private clubs. It also allows businesses like bars and restaurants to apply for a license that exempts them from the new ban for the next three years.

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