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Slots-Play Led To Charities' Fraud

Jan 19, 2012

The former director of two Kansas City charities could go to federal prison for thirty or more years after pleading guilty to embezzling at least $100,000.

The prosecutor in the case said the fraud damaged programs of Westport Cooperative Services and the Epilepsy Foundation of Kansas and Western Missouri.

Losses playing slot machines led to downfall of 52 year old Sean Patrick Taylor who also was known as  J.R. Wayne Gourley . 

Taylor had to resign in 2009 when the Epilepsy Foundation found funds missing.

U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips  says the Westport organization, which Taylor also directed, had to end its Meals on Wheels for a time and losses did further harm--“Cooperative Services also lost its bid to become a permanent sponsor of a foster grandparent program.”

It was a program which would have carried funds of $1.3 million. It would have paired about 80 low-income senior citizens with children, preschool through junior high.

 WCS fired Taylor in 2010.

 Investigators estimated Taylor’s gambling losses amounted to more than $72 thousand. He was so popular at Prairie Band Casino, charges said Taylor got more than $5,200 in complementary benefits including travel and hotel rooms.