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Senate Foes Trade Shots

Aug 18, 2010

Kansas City, MO – The Democrat running for U.S. Senate in Missouri says her G.O.P. opponent is deflecting blame for the terrible economy, making wrong assumptions.

Robin Carnahan said during Kansas City campaigning today that Republican Roy Blunt, 14 years in Congress, has arrived late to repair the damage.

Blunt said this week that the Missouri Secretary of State, if elected to the Senate, would not help private sector job growth because she would side with the Obama Administration and Congress.

Carnahan's take was this--" when he talks about these issues, I say, you know when you were in charge, why didn't you do these things? If you had so many good ideas and you were one of the guys in charge, why weren't those implemented? What we got was the biggest recession we've seen since the great depression."

Caranahan said she's been touring small towns in the state and found the economic damage severe. She said there's something wrong when powers in Washington bail out big financial institutions and small businesses in Missouri are closing.