School Board VP Says Hickman Mills Has A Plan To Fix District

Mar 18, 2014

  The Hickman Mills school district in Kansas City, Mo., is battling back from a critical state audit that found financial and management issues. Now the next step for the district is winning back its full accreditation – which slipped to provisional status last year. Hickman Mills Board Vice President, Dan Osman, says they have a plan.

“We got a lot of training programs in place for teachers. We’ve got a lot of tutoring in place as well for the students that are falling behind and we’re really focusing in on those students that are below basics, that they can get back up to basic,” Osman said on the KCUR program, Central Standard.  

Osman says officials are also trying to boost attendance, up graduation rates and teach college and career readiness. But, he says he doesn’t expect full accreditation for the district and its 6,000 students for another three years.