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Right To Farm, Estate Sale Photos, Betse Ellis

Jun 10, 2013

States Ponder The 'Right To Farm'

Individual state constitutions across the nation spell out a host of guaranteed rights for their citizens; for example, same sex marriage or collective bargaining. But what about the "right to farm?" 

KC Company Leads Technology Shift In Health Care 

The U.S. health system is undergoing a major technological shift. According to some people, it’s finally catching up to where the banking and airline industries have been for years. It’s no small change, either. The Kansas City-based Cerner Corporation, more than 30 years old now, has become one of the nation’s biggest players in health technology.

Photographer Uses Camera To Let Go Of Belongings

Credit Gloria Baker Feinstein

When Gloria Baker Feinstein moved out of her house into a much-smaller condo because of her husband’s health, she had an estate sale to get rid of a lot of items that didn’t fit into her new home. Feinstein is a professional photographer, so she thought she’d make a record of her belongings before they went off into the hands of strangers.

Rugby Team Provides Supportive Space For Gay And Bisexual Players

There’s several rugby teams in the KC area - some are very popular, like the Kansas City Blues, a USA Rugby Division 1 club. There’s also teams for women, like the Kansas City Jazz. But the KC Carnivores have a mission that goes beyond the rough and tumble game.

Upcoming Festival In West Plains To Honor Food, Music, And Tenacity Of Ozark's Pioneers

South-central Missouri is gearing up for a signature festival that organizers say pays tribute to the Ozarks like no other festival. Old-Time Music is an Ozark Heritage Festival taking place in downtown West Plains, Missouri next weekend. 

Fiddler Betse Ellis Goes Solo

For 15 years, fiddler Betse Ellis helped lead and shape the Wilders, an internationally-known old-time country quartet that toured the US and Europe. But in December of 2011, the Wilders announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus. Betse Ellis, though, is still going strong.