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Republican Primary Won't Decide Delegates In Missouri

Feb 6, 2012

Missouri voters will be able to head to polls Tuesday to pick a presidential candidate. In the case of Republican voters, those votes won’t count for anything official.

The Missouri GOP will allot delegates in caucuses in March.  Under National party rules intended to prevent a crush of early primaries, the party would only get half of its delegates if they used the tomorrow’s primary.

Ryan Hobart is a spokesman for Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.  He says Missourians should still vote tomorrow.

“If enough people go out there and make their voice heard on this issue and show that they strongly support someone over someone else, it’s going to send a message to political insider types and all the people of the state of Missouri,” says Hobart.

Missouri law requires the state to hold the primary.  The secretary of state’s office expects it to cost $7 million.