Reactions to KCMO Schools Superintendent's Departure

Kansas City, MO – *** Interview with Airick Leonard Wesson will be posted later today (Friday, April 4). . . please check back.*** After weeks of meetings, the Kansas City Missouri school board decided to part ways with superintendent Anthony Amato. And city residents are keeping count - he was the 23rd superintendent in the Kansas City Missouri school district in 39 years. Amato began his tenure in July of 2006 and had completed about half of his three-year contract.

School board President David Smith, as well as board members Bill Eddy and Marilyn Simmons discuss the conditions around Superintendent Anthony Amato's departure. Plus, hear from the District's Advisory Council chair Dolores Arzola, school board candidate Airick Leonard West, and Michael Casserly, executive director of the Council of the Great City Schools, an organization which has been consulting for the Kansas City Missouri school board.