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Port Authority Chair Leaves Board

Jan 14, 2011

Kansas City, MO – As a city audit continues and amid credible reports of an FBI investigation into Port Authority contracting procedures, the agency's chair has now resigned from its board.

It was just a week ago that Trey Runnion resigned from the chairmanship, but remained on the Port Authority board. Yesterday, many got their first word of his resignation from the board when Ed Ford rose at the council meeting and said:

"Our current chair of the Port Authority has now resigned... from the Port Authority... and there is now an opening."

With that all present voted to approve the mayor's nomination of former state legislator John Burnett to the board. The council had stalled that appointment for nearly two months.

It was a double victory for Funkhouser, who tried to veto the council's reappointment of the Runnion. The veto was overridden. The mayor still that the reappointment was beyond the council's power in the first place.