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Police Reasoning Detailed In Missing Woman-Found

Dec 22, 2011

Overland Park, Kansas  police today are revealing more about the odd and unexplained disappearance of  junior college student Aisha Khan and why there will be no criminal charges.

When the 19 year old woman seemed to vanish from the Edwards Campus of  K.U. last  Friday, Dec. 16th,  police became involved in Olathe, where she lived,  and Overland Park,  where she attended classes.

The full-scale search over a span of five days treated Khan's disappearance as if it was an abduction,  although  classified as a missing person.  Overland Park Police were clear about that.

A cousin, Farouk Sheikh, said Khan had been married five months to a Pakistani man she had known since childhood in what was termed an "arranged marriage."  Khan is a U.S. citizen, born in New York but visited Pakistan often where she has family ties, according to Sheikh.

  The F.B.I. in Kansas City assigned four agents to Khan's disappearance.
 Family pleas were sent across the country by media,  the story aired on the BBC of  a newly wed Muslim woman missing and perhaps kidnapped. 

When police revealed last evening that they  had  found Khan,  spoken with her, learned she had not been abducted, law enforcement also said no crime had been committed.

Today,  Overland park Officer Michelle Koos said neither Khan nor the family had reported her as abducted.  Koos said that it was officials of the KU Edwards campus where she had last been seen who reported it.  And there was no attempt to hookwink police. Overland Park  Chief John Douglass says in his blog that Khan’s being safe is all that matters.