Plan Could Increase City's Benefits For Same-Sex Couples | KCUR

Plan Could Increase City's Benefits For Same-Sex Couples

Jan 9, 2014

A proposal before the Kansas City Council Thursday would gather information to expand the employee benefits available for same-sex couples.

One factor prompting the plan is the increasing number of same-sex couples who have legally married in other states. Another is to remain competitive with other states.

Councilman Scott Taylor says the sponsors simply believe it is the right thing to do.

Taylor said with budget time approaching, the city needs to study the dollar costs and implementation details, because insurance is involved. He said the city's study of the situation would define the specific areas in which added benefits are needed and allow time for a plan of action for implementing the changes.

"With some of these there may be a dollar cost that we need to look at and implementation issues," said Taylor. "Some of these involve insurance. But at least we'll know what the specific issues are and what's the cost and we can develop a plan of action for implementing these."

The full council will now vote on instructing the city manager to compare Kansas City's policies with results of a study by a national LGBT organization, the Human Rights Campaign, and report back within 90 days.