Passionate Sustainability Advocate Vandana Shiva Visits Kansas City

Apr 17, 2014

Dr. Vandana Shiva stops by KCUR to talk about the value of diversity in culture and in agriculture.
Credit Photo by Kartaka Shiva, courtesy Cultivate KC

Dr. Vandana Shiva sees issues of diversity playing out in our societies as well as in our grocery stores and on our dinner plates. Central Standard visits with this prolific author and global environmental activist about her unique blend of science and philosophy in which feminism, economic theory, quantum physics and agricultural history combine to create a compelling world view.

Dr. Shiva stops by the studio to explain her perspective and to tell her personal story. 

For information on two opportunities to hear Vandana Shiva speak about "Cultivating Diversity, Freedom and Hope" while she's in Kansas City, go to the Cultivate KC website.