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'Operation Blockbuster' Shuts Down Massive Drug Ring

Jul 16, 2012

As head of one of the most successful drug operations, Alejandro Corredor moved hundreds of pounds of cocaine, meth, and marijuana from Mexico through Kansas City.

Using part-time rappers as part of his crew, Corredor managed to move millions of dollars worth of Mexican drugs.

Of course, the massive size of the operation meant that it couldn't last for long, and the DEA orchestrated a plan, called "Operation Blockbuster," to stop Corredor's drug distribution scheme. Corredor's arrest in 2009 marked the beginning of the end, and this June, when the last person in connection to the smuggling ring was sentenced, "Operation Blockbuster" officially came to a successful end.

Tuesday on Up to Date, those who helped to prosecute and report on the largest drug operation in recent Kansas City history are in-studio. Assistant U. S. Attorney Joseph M. Marquez, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Investigations Gilbert Trill, and Kansas City Star reporter Ian Cummings explain what it took to build a case against big-time criminals operating in Johnson County. Cummings' article in 913 Magazine tells the story.

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Joseph M. Marquez is an Assistant U.S. Attorney, based in the Western District of Missouri.

Gilbert Trill is an Assistant Special Agent in Charge of Home Security Investigations and is based in Kansas City.

Ian Cummings is a KU student and intern reporter for the Kansas City Star.